Collaborating (Partner) Centers

Developing the engineering education in the country and training graduates with necessary skills to do effective jobs in industry is in need of co-thinking and interaction of all beneficiaries in engineering education . Fortunately, in recent one or two decades , many infrastructures have been created to help with this issue including the followings:

  •  Publishing the Quarterly of Engineering Education of Iran by Academy of Science

  • Establishment of Iran Society of Engineering Education

  • Holding The Second Biennial Conference on Engineering Education

  • Launching Iran Accreditation Institute for Engineering Education (IAIEE),(Institute for the Evaluation of Engineering Education in Iran )


  • Establishment of Unesco Chair on Engineering Education.


In such a condition , the necessity of the possibility of exchange of ideas and further interaction of these institutions , with the diverse centers which supply engineering education on one side the industry , on the other side is felt more than any other time in the past.


Unesco Chair on Engineering Education creates an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and findings among these centers by signing MOU’s with the beneficiaries of engineering education, reflecting their activities in the Website and. holding co-thinking meeting. Hereby, all centers involved in engineering education or as a beneficiary part in it , are requested to join this group and while making others to be aware of their actions and views , take a step in promoting engineering education in the country. At the continuation of these lines, the name and scope of activities of the centers which have signed MOU of cooperation with the Unesco Chair on Engineering Education are presented: