UNESCO Chair on Engineering Education

Educational Workshops

To promote the professional development of faculty members and teaching-learning skills of teaching assistants, some educational workshops are designed by UNESCO Chair on Engineering Education. These workshops are presented in conjunction with the Centre for Quality Assurance of College of Engineering. At the end of each half day workshop, a certificate is presented to participants. Titles and contents of these workshops are:

  1. Preparing educational objectives
  2. Teaching and learning styles
  3. Active learning
  4. Learning Assessment
  5. Assessment by rubrics
  6. Teaching experiences
  7. Teaching assistants (TA) training
  8. Accreditation of engineering programs
  9. Standard engineering education
  10. Deficiencies of Iran engineering education
  11. Teaching engineering design
  12. Academic ethics
  13. Role of advisors in engineering education
  14. Preparing educational materials
  15. Promoting students motivation to learning
  16. Online engineering education