Educational Proposals

In the frontline of the third millennium, many countries have revised their presented educations.  These revisions have brought about valuable outcomes for the engineering education. One of the objectives of Unesco Chair on Engineering education is to observe the findings and innovations in different features of engineering education and sharing them with academic colleagues and other beneficiaries at national level. This action is in the same direction with one of the main grounds of research in Unesco Chair, i.e. identification of current challenges of engineering education and proposing suitable solutions either in educational contents or in the method of its implementation.  The results of these researches will be presented to the Chair Strategic Council on one hand and on the other hand, through the Chair Website, to be presented to academic colleagues for judgment. Along with every educational proposal, necessary documents including research report which is mostly in form of published articles will be presented. The academic colleagues and centers can share their views and findings on each of educational proposals and the outcome of its implementation through the Chair website with us and other people interested in this topic nationwide.


15. Revision of Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Program Project (2014)

14. Formation of a group for educational reviews, 2014

13. Revision of instruction to hold examinations, 2014

12. Necessity of promoting the position of creative thinking in engineering education, 2013

11. Selection of outstanding students by the faculty encouraging list, 2013

10. Developing the learning-teaching skills for teaching assistants, 2013

9. Developing educational skills of faculty members, 2013

8. Revision of the calendar of educational activities, 2012

7. Proposing a new course entitled, An Introduction to Engineering, 2012

6. Revision of national engineering education program, 2012

5. Evaluation of national engineering education programs, 2011

4. Employing active learning methods in class, 2011

3. Moving towards student-oriented education, 2011

2. Using the PowerPoint, yes or no? 2011

1. Promoting the communicative skills in engineering students, 2000