Educational Proposals

In the frontline of the third millennium, many countries have revised their presented educations.These revisions have brought about valuable outcomes for the engineering education. One of the objectives of Unesco Chair on Engineering education is to observe the findings and innovations in different features of engineering education and sharing them with academic colleagues and other beneficiaries at national level. This action is in the same direction with one of the main grounds of research in Unesco Chair, i.e. identification of current challenges of engineering education and proposing suitable solutions either in educational contents or in the method of its implementation.  The results of these researches will be presented to the Chair Strategic Council on one hand and on the other hand, through the Chair Website, to be presented to academic colleagues for judgment. Along with every educational proposal, necessary documents including research report which is mostly in form of published articles will be presented. The academic colleagues and centers can share their views and findings on each of educational proposals and the outcome of its implementation through the Chair website with us and other people interested in this topic nationwide.


   Master of engineering education
   New graduate course on engineering education
   Multiple intelligence and learning
   Preparing Course outline
   Promoting the motivation of engineering students
   Supplementary paper-base students survey
   Seven Principles of good teaching practice
   Needs for innovation in engineering education
   Future studies in engineering education
   Modifying students performance report
   Internationalization of engineering education
   Students learning assessment
   Deficiencies of engineering education programs of  Iran 
   Teaching Engineering Design
   External assessment of engineering programs
   Dissemination of research findings
   Developing necessary skills in engineering students
   Professional ethics
   Knowledge management in higher education
   Students attendance monitoring
   Revising students online survey
   Sustainable development education
    Decline of high school students interests to  engineering
   The need for research in engineering education
   Developing teaching-learning skills of teaching  assistant  (TA)
   Improving the quality of engineering education 
   Designing and revaluation of engineering courses
   Selecting top students by dean’s list
   Formation of educational research groups
  Preparing objectives and outcomes of engineering programs
   Faculty teaching-learning development
   Internal assessment of engineering programs
   International engineering education accords 
   Standard engineering education
   Revaluation of capstone course
   Revaluation of capstone course
    Revaluation of exams instructions


   Revaluation of educational calendar


   Revaluation of Iran engineering education   programs      



    New introduction to engineering course


    Active learning


   Teaching-learning styles                                                       
      Teaching creative thinking
       Teaching teamwork
       Teaching professional communication
       Teaching correct writing
       Teaching with PowerPoint
      Accreditation of engineering programs
      Engineering education in Iran
      Global challenges of engineering
      Engineer and engineering