Research on Engineering Education

With the passage of more than eight decades from the establishment of higher education in Iran, engineering education in the country has passed many ups and downs.  At present, more than 1.4 million students are studying in hundreds of engineering education centers in the country. The enhancement of engineering education is subject to identifying its challenges and presenting some approaches to overcome them. This is an issue which will be only possible by organized research. The UNESCO Chair on Engineering Education has placed research on different areas of engineering at the top of its objectives. Research of this type can be done in the form of bachelor’s projects and post graduate theses or research projects which are supported through universities or related centers. Below is the list of our suggested topics for research on engineering education. Please share your views and suggestions with us. It will be beneficial if individuals, groups or centers with similar research send us the title and their contents. While reflecting them in the chair website, it will be possible to create a condition in which the academic and engineering community will become informed about different measures being performed in this field.

  1. Optimizing the outcomes of internship activities,
  2. Innovative approaches to increase the role of design in bachelor’s degree final projects
  3. Teaching with PowerPoint: yes or no,
  4. Suggested methods to strengthen team work in engineering education,
  5. Practical methods to reinforce the communicative skills of engineering students,
  6. Figuring out the causes of decline in motivation and hope in engineering students,
  7. Determining the optimal number of engineering graduates for the country,
  8. Employment of proper faculty members for engineering education,
  9. Managerial challenges of centers for engineering educational,
  10. Economy of engineering education,
  11. Accreditation challenges of national engineering programs,
  12. Educational planning for new engineering programs and courses,
  13. Text books and supplementary materials for engineering education,
  14. Procedure of deletion or integration of existing courses or proposing a new course,
  15. Quality assurance of postgraduate programs in engineering education,
  16. New interdisciplinary programs in engineering education,
  17. Integration of smaller educational centers and polarizing the activities,
  18. Labor market for Iranian engineering graduates,
  19. Improving the role of industry in engineering education,
  20. Engineering graduates and brain drains,
  21. Export of specialized engineering workforces,
  22. Challenges of Iranian female engineering graduates,
  23. Iran and globalization of engineering education,
  24. Performance of engineering research journals,
  25. Challenges of registering the intellectual property of research projects,
  26. E-learning of engineering programs,
  27. Distance engineering education in Payam-e-Noor University,
  28. Engineering Education in Islamic Azad University,
  29. Technical and vocational training for associate degree programs,
  30. Dilemma of fake research in engineering education.